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Eryk Lipiński

  • Eryk Lipinski

    Founder of the Museum of Caricature in 1983. Caricaturist, satirist, journalist, graphic designer, poster designer, illustrator, author of satirical texts and books about the history of caricature and satirical drawings.

  • Eryk Lipinski Szpilki

    In 1935, together with Zbigniew Mitzner, founded a satirical weekly “Szpilki” which was associated with the left-wing circles. “Szpilki” continued to be published after the war until 1994.

  • Eryk Lipinski Wabienie nowego roku 1936

    Tempting the New Year 1936
    „Szpilki” 1936.

  • Eryk Lipinski Edward VIII i Wallis Simpson

    Simpson and Dalila
    Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson
    „Szpilki”, 1936.

  • Eryk Lipinski Szpilki 1948

    Cover of „Szpilki”, 1948.

  • Eryk Lipinski Clemens Atlee i Winston Churchill

    Change of Guard
    Clement Atlee and Winston Churchill
    „Szpilki”, 1951.

  • Eryk Lipinski autokarykatura

    „Szpilki”, 1954.

  • Eryk Lipinski De Gaulle Harold Wilson

    The Guarded Beach
    Charles de Gaulle and Harold Wilson
    „Szpilki”, 1967.

  • Eryk Lipinski

    Eryk Lipiński was one of the founders of the Polish poster school. He was also the initiator, commissioner and participant of the 1st International Poster Biennale in Warsaw in 1966.

  • Eryk Lipinski Casablanca

    Poster for the American film Casablanca, 1947.

  • Eryk Lipinski Skarb

    Poster for the Polish film Skarb (Treasure), 1948.

  • Eryk Lipinski Teatre Syrena

    Poster for the theatre „Syrena”, 1948.

  • Eryk Lipinski Kabaret Dudek

    Poster for the cabaret „Dudek”, 1967.

  • Eryk Lipinski Niedzielny poranek

    Poster for the Polish film Niedzielny Poranek (Sunday Morning), 1955.

  • Eryk Lipinski Jego rybki

    Poster for the French film Jego rybki (Poisson d'Avril), 1956.

  • Eryk Lipinski Dzien szakala

    Poster for the English film Dzień Szakala (Day of the Jackal), 1975.

  • Eryk Lipinski Joseph Andrews

    Poster for the English film Joseph Andrews, 1978.

  • Eryk Lipiński

    He collaborated as a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer with the magazines: “Szpilki” , “Mucha”, “Przekrój”, “Karuzela”, “Literatura”, “Zwierciadło”, “Polska”, “Stolica”, “Świat”, “Świerszczyk” and others.

  • Eryk Lipiński

    No caption, 1978.

  • Eryk Lipiński

    No caption, 1983.

  • Eryk Lipiński Otek Axer

    „Otek”, (a caricature of Otto Axer, a friend of Eryk Lipiński), appeared in various incarnations on the last page of „Przekrój” in the 1960s.

  • Eryk Lipiński

    Eryk Lipiński was the author of many posters for exhibitions held at the Museum of Caricature.

  • Eryk Lipiński Grzechy nasze

    Poster for the exhibition at the Museum of Caricature „Grzechy nasze” (Our Sins), 1984.

  • Eryk Lipiński Śniadanie króla

    Eryk Lipiński has also illustrated many books for children.

  • Eryk Lipiński Śniadanie króla

    In 1978, together with Hanna Górska, he wrote the book Z dziejów karykatury polskiej – a scientific study on the history of Polish caricature. He also published many other books, mainly humorous and memoirs, among others Erl-69 donosi and Pamiętniki (Memoirs).

  • Eryk Lipiński

    Eryk Lipiński was the main initiator and first president of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists SPAK in 1987. Today, SPAK awards the annual “Eryk” prize for achievements in the field of caricature

  • Eryk Lipiński

    In 1991, he was awarded the title “Righteous Among the Nations” by the Yad Veshem Institute in Jerusalem

  • Eryk Lipiński

    Since 1983, the Museum of Caricature has been located at 11 Kozia Street, and since 2002 it has borne the name of its creator, Eryk Lipiński.