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od 1945 do 2013

The body in caricature, the caricature of the body in art is the first volume of studies relating to the 'Almanac of Polish Satire' published by the Museum of Caricature in 1990. The current edition of the "Almanac of the Eryk Lipiński Museum of Caricature" is devoted to issues of the body, corporeality, and also sexuality in the art of Polish and European caricature from modern times to the second half of the 20th century. The publication contains five articles reflecting on how various artists over the centuries have depicted the human body through the visual strategies of caricature and how their formal solutions have affected the reception of the body depicted in their works. The first four texts published in this volume were presented during a scientific session of the same title, organised by the Eryk Lipiński Museum of Caricature and the Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences on 24 October 2018 on the occasion of the Museum's 40th anniversary celebrations.

The publication includes texts of: Katarzyna Murawska-Muthesius 'Perfetta deformità: caricature and the body', Anna Żakiewicz 'The delightful tormentor at work, or about Witkacy's drawings', Anna Manicka 'There is nothing more wonderful than the human body and as long as I live I will draw them. The pre-war and wartime works of Maja Berezowska (1893-1978)", Piotr Kułak "Playing with gender identity. The image of the masculinised woman and lesbian in German satirical drawings of the 1920s', Karolina Prymlewicz 'Contemporary art in Polish caricature of the 1950s and 1960s'.

Published by Museum of Caricature
Warsaw 2021
Editor: Piotr Kułak
Typesetting: Izabela Bartnik
Cover design: Tomasz Rupociński, Labografia
Binding: soft
72 pages
Number of copies: 260 copies.

ISBN: 978-83-87994-46-4
price: 60 PLN 10 PLN



The face has been an object of fascination for artists, scientists and thinkers for centuries. It can express innumerable emotions and it is in its expression that we find a multitude of meanings. The way in which the characteristic features of a person are captured and portrayed, particularly in the case of a portrait caricature, opens up the field to a multitude of interpretations related both to its protagonist and the artist's intentions. The issue of interpreting, depicting and deforming the face appears in Karolina Prymlewicz's proposed title notion of repainting. In the essay included in the book, she analyses the complexity of the history of face perception and portrayal. She considers what repainting is and what its purpose is. The author describes the way we interpret other people's faces. The book also includes a text by Elżbieta Laskowska reporting in brief on the formation of the definition of the term caricature.

The texts in Przepotwarzanie are accompanied by a rich collection of reproductions of, among others, self-portraits by Joseph Ducreux, sculptures by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, photographs by Tomasz Machciński and works by the most eminent artists of portrait caricature from the collection of the Eryk Lipiński Museum of Caricature, such as Andrzej Stopka, Edmund Mańczak, Edward Ałaszewski, Edward Głowacki, Eryk Lipiński and Izabella Kulczyńska.

Published by Museum of Caricature
Warsaw 2021
Editing and photo-editing: Karolina Prymlewicz
Graphic design: Tomasz Rupociński, Labografia
binding: hardback
112 pages
400 copies

ISBN: 978-83-87994-44-0
cena: 79 PLN 25 PLN

od 1945 do 2013

Published by Museum of Caricature
Warsaw 2013
Editors: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz, Grażyna Godziejewska

over 250 biographies of caricature artists
list of exhibitions in the Museum of Caricature
subject bibliography

text in Polish
illustrations in colour and black and white
format: 26 x 18,5 cm
160 pages

ISBN: 978-83-87994-58-8
price: 60 PLN 10 PLN